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Test of DiCAPac WP711 – a Camera Waterproof Case

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Recently, I couldn’t stop thinking to buy a waterproof case for my cameras for the summer trip to Rhodos. A camera that can be used for taking photos in the sea would be fantastic. Moreover, sands on beach can also be harmful for cameras. Therefore, after weeks investigation, I bought a Korean DiCAPac (Digital Camera Pack) WP711 digital camera waterproof house case for SONY T700 on for £30.66.

My criteria of a camera waterproof equipment are:

  1. It should fit my camera, either compact (SONY T700) or DSLR (SONY A-550);
  2. Reasonable price: I cannot afford too much for it;
  3. Good quality: won’t be easily broken so I won’t want to pay for damaging my camera and in the meantime it should be able to go as deeper in the water as possible.

Apparently, there are several reasons that I preferred DiCAPac WP711 for my SONY T700 to other waterproof products:

  • Compare with professional camera waterproof house: less expensive and easy to bring with
  • Compare with other cheap ones: good quality, passed JIS IPX 8
  • Compare with DiCAPac WP-S5 (for SONY A-550): 5m deeper

DiCAPac has patented zipper and double roll velcro water proof system that makes 100% waterproof and dirt-proof, which is perfect for my Rhodos trip.

Following are some pictures took in Svømmeland in Nørresundby. Yong Yu tried to take the camera into 3-5 meters deeper in the water – nothing happens.


You can find different DiCAPac products that fit almost all kinds of cameras on the world as well as iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, etc.

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站

(中文) 从北京到哥本哈根到奥尔堡 – 出发、转机、到达

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

Load page based on Browser’s type

The page of “Tongfei Kou’s CV” was saved as .htm in Word 2007. This makes the page be best displayed in IE browser. For the same experience by other browsers, it is necessary to identify the type of browser and accordingly locate IE to one page and other browsers to another page which loads a .pdf version of the CV. The often used solution on the cyberword is JavaScript, but I have no idea about it at all.

However, thanks to Google, I found a code to locate difference pages based on the screen solution of visitor’s (

<Script Language=”JavaScript”>
if(screen.width==1024 && screen.height==768)
if(screen.width==800 && screen.height==600)
if(screen.width==1280 && screen.height==1024)

and another code to identify the type of browser (

<script language=”JavaScript”>
function getOs()
var OsObject = “”;
if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“MSIE”)>0) {
return “MSIE”;
return “Firefox”;
if(isSafari=navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“Safari”)>0) {
return “Safari”;
return “Camino”;
return “Gecko”;

alert(“Your browser type is:”+getOs());

Hereby, I combined two codes. It works for me and I got exactly what I want:

<script language=”JavaScript”>
I’m thinking there must be a similar code that only identifies “IE” and “Non-IE”. I need your help…

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Earthquake in Wenchuan

There was an extremely serious earthquake in Wenchuan, Abazhou, Sichuan Province, China. Most of China could feel this shake. Now there are almost 15,000 people died. The aftershake still has not stopped yet.


It is a disaster year, the year of 2008. At the beginning of this year, snow; then, Tibet, as well as the Tibetan protester during the torch relay; a month later, railway accident in Shandong Province; and now, the earthquake. Also the worse inflation all the way…

The Olympic game is honourable for Chinese people. But, still, the challenge is the situation after this game. Also, it’s very hard to say what desaster will happen in China.

We should do something for them… Yes, absolutely!!!

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