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Google Self-Driving Car Test

Google perhaps soon launches Google Drive

Word on the streets is that search giant Google is all set to rebrand Google Docs, its massively popular online document service, into a hard drive in the cloud.

The reports about the company planning on a renovation in the service surfaced after Johannes Wigand – a prominent blogger and social media consultant captured and posted a blurry screenshot of what seemed to be a new version of Google Docs, called Drive, on the Web.

According to Wigand, the screen had appeared only for a few seconds during “an event powered by Google”.

The screenshot captured and posted by Wigand, however, was almost identical to the existing layout of Google Docs. But on a closer look, it becomes vividly clear that Google changed the word “Docs” on the upper left-hand corner of the screen to “Drive”.

In addition to that, the folder menu has also undergone a bit of changes – the new menu was called “My Google Drive”, thus replacing the previous “My Collections”.

“Expect Google Drive to reside at drive.google.com (not live yet). It’s not clear how docs.google.com (the current home of Docs) will be used – perhaps as the home of the word processor app or maybe it will just redirect,” TechCrunch reports. Read more »

Google Disables Uploads, Comments on YouTube Korea

Google has disabled user uploads and comments on the Korean version of its YouTube video portal in reaction to a new law that requires the real name of a contributor be listed along each contribution they make.

The rules, part of a Cyber Defamation Law, came into effect on April 1 for all sites with over 100,000 unique visitors per day. It requires that users provide their real name and national ID card number.

In response to the requirements Google has stopped users from uploading via its Korean portal rather than start a new registration system.

“We have a bias in favor of freedom of expression and are committed to openness,” said Lucinda Barlow, a spokeswoman for YouTube in Asia. “It’s very important that if users want to be anonymous that they have that chance.” Read more »

Farewell, Google Dictionary

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站Google Dictionary Offline

From yesterday afternoon, when you visit Google Dictionary, you will see the page like shown above. It’s telling you that Google Dictionary is offline. It guides you to use Google Search or Google Translate instead.

Google Dictionary had three functions, which are words’ definition, translation and pronunciation. Here are alternatives:

That are the only solutions so far. I am trying to use all the alternatives, but I have to say that I’m not used to and I don’t feel the alternatives are as functional as Google Dictionary. However, Google Dictionary is no longer available. Say farewell to it.

Thanks for http://www.guao.hk and http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站

Give you a shock: the difference between Google+ and Facebook

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站

From: TraceHotNews.com

Google+ is Google‘s new social network product. No doubt about that Google+ will bring discussions again in the social network industry. Furthermore, Google+ from the IT giant is inevitably taken for being compared with Facebook, the biggest social networking website at the moment.

There can be functional differences, but here is one biggest different.

Read more »

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