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“Think big but start small”

At the height of the dotcom bubble in 2000, almost anyone with a cheque book could put money into a hot new technology company. Few got out without losing their shirts.

But Carmen Busquets, a 46-year-old Venezuelan entrepreneur, managed to make a successful bet on an e-commerce venture, and has gone on to become one of the most important investors for fashion-related internet businesses.

An early backer of Net-A-Porter, she recently made an angel investment in ModaOperandi.com, which allows fashion obsessives to order straight from (and straight after) the runway.

Ms Busquets’ investing style stands apart from more famous venture capital firms, which shower start-ups with tens of millions of dollars, bestowing young companies with colossal valuations. Instead, she doles out small investments as a company needs capital.

“Why give a million dollars to someone if they have not proved that they can make a million dollars?” she asks. “I learnt this from my father, who would never give us more money than we could make. If I maxed out a credit card, he would cut it.” Read more »

Uncover the Marketing Model adopted by Major Fashion brands – the darkness of “Fast Fashion”

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站
From: The Observer
Original Title: Why fast fashion is slow death for the planet
Author: Lucy Siegle
Published on 8 May, 2011
Few changes have been made when reposted to shorten the article

Tongfei wants to say:
This article talks about the “fast fashion” philosophy as a new marketing strategy implemented by those major fashion enterprises in recent years. This marketing model has been recognised as a success by looking at companies’ financial figures, but who can see the truth behind the prosper or who really wants to see? The “fast fashion” does not only harm the sustainability of nature, but also results social problems such as comparisons on luxury. So, which one is important, business revenue or sustainability? We need a balance!

Therefore, I believe this is a meaningful article bringing us again the discussion of business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The author, Lucy Siegle, says:
With high-street chains churning out fresh designs every few weeks, we now buy more cheap clothes than ever before. But as Lucy Siegle reveals in her hard-hitting new book To Die For, it’s a trend that will cost us far more than we imagine

It has never short of shoppers on the Oxford Street in London, even in rainy days. A young lady walked out of Primark, the store well-known for its low-cost “affordable fashion”. There were 6-7 kraft bags in hand fully filled with shopping trophies. One of the overwhelmed bags cracked and colourful clothes spread all over. Surprisingly, this lady didn’t pick them up, because they are wetted by the rain. All the clothes were lying on the street and waiting for sanitation workers. Read more »

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