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Test of DiCAPac WP711 – a Camera Waterproof Case

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站

Recently, I couldn’t stop thinking to buy a waterproof case for my cameras for the summer trip to Rhodos. A camera that can be used for taking photos in the sea would be fantastic. Moreover, sands on beach can also be harmful for cameras. Therefore, after weeks investigation, I bought a Korean DiCAPac (Digital Camera Pack) WP711 digital camera waterproof house case for SONY T700 on Amazon.co.uk for £30.66.

My criteria of a camera waterproof equipment are:

  1. It should fit my camera, either compact (SONY T700) or DSLR (SONY A-550);
  2. Reasonable price: I cannot afford too much for it;
  3. Good quality: won’t be easily broken so I won’t want to pay for damaging my camera and in the meantime it should be able to go as deeper in the water as possible.

Apparently, there are several reasons that I preferred DiCAPac WP711 for my SONY T700 to other waterproof products:

  • Compare with professional camera waterproof house: less expensive and easy to bring with
  • Compare with other cheap ones: good quality, passed JIS IPX 8
  • Compare with DiCAPac WP-S5 (for SONY A-550): 5m deeper

DiCAPac has patented zipper and double roll velcro water proof system that makes 100% waterproof and dirt-proof, which is perfect for my Rhodos trip.

Following are some pictures took in Svømmeland in Nørresundby. Yong Yu tried to take the camera into 3-5 meters deeper in the water – nothing happens.


You can find different DiCAPac products that fit almost all kinds of cameras on the world as well as iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, etc.

Tongfei Kou's Website / 寇同飞的个人网站

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